Resinoid Flexible Offset(depressed Center) Grinding Wheel

Flexible offset (Depressed Center)

Tailin Touch
A semi-flexible type 27 depressed center grinding wheels that can be used for polishing, light weld grinding and de-scaling with right angle grinders. Tailin touch will allow you to put more grinding surface to the job, resulting in faster stock removal and smoother finish. the smooth finish will avoid operator fatigue usually due to the vibration.

A: Ferrous metals (steel, iron, welds, etc…)
WA: Stainless steel, alloy steels.
C: Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, cast iron and stone)
GC: Glass, ceramic.

Grit Size
#24, #36, #46, #60, #80, #100, #120,#150 & #220 4-1/2”, 5”, 7” & 9” With 5/8-11 Hub Are Available Upon Request.

Type 41 (Type 1)

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