Marking System and Specification

Marking System and Specification


(1) Shape: Type 27- Depressed Center Wheel.           Type 1 -Flat Cutting Wheel.
(2) Dimension: Diameter x Thickness x Hole Size.
(3) Abrasive: A, WA, C, GC.
(4) Grade: L, M, P, Q, R, S, T, U            L = Fast-Cut (soft)           U=Long Life (hard)
(5) Grit: Rough: 16, 20, 24
Medium: 30,36,46,60
Fine: 80,100,120,150,180,220.
(6) Bond Type: B Type = Resinoid Grinding Wheel.
(7) Reinforcement: F = Fiber Glass.            1G = 1 Layer,     2G = 2 Layers.
(8) Max Speed: Surface Meter Per Minute, For Max. Operation speed.

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